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Really nice game! It is in my Top 5 of this week!

Check the video!


Thanks a lot, definitely a reason more for me to do an update and bugfix after the game jam 

Great idea and implementation. The design is superb. I really liked the wind effect.

The only thing I have problem with is the volume of the sound it's too loud.

I found minor bugs.

Overall, a great game.


Hi Mate, thanks, yea initially i wanted to create an option panel for music and mouse speed, however since i didn't create an ambient music, panel went back to low priority :) I haven't yet encountered that bug, but found few minor ones... once i get enough feedback plan to update the game and share this project on git.     

I believe that error and bug is not game related but rather Unity Web Player related.

The Art is amazing, probably one of the best ones in the jam, and the core game idea is really cool, The only thing that maybe could be improved, is the story, usally putting a block of small text isnt a great idea, making it interactive can draw players into your game better, anyways, Great work, See you when you win first place!

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Thanks alot, I was working on a small animated intro for story inspired by a  "Cyanide & Happiness" cartoon on youtube, however simply didn't have enough  time to finish it ( i haven't done that before so it was more than i could bite ). But for the next jam i will try to find a team for the first time and split some load. 

What an amazing art work! The idea is also super cool! Only feedback - I felt at times the asteroid didn't fall in the right hexagon even though I was pointing at the right place.

A nice to have - Ships traversing the globe colonizing other islands. So there could be an option to destroy the ships as well. 

Thanks, i like the idea of colonizing islands too.

This low poly style is really awesome <3 We love it <3

thank you

Very beautiful game! I'm not too sure about the controls, it took a while to realize what i was doing, and even then with the way the stage is set up it's difficult to see where the asteroid is falling from or would fall to.

Thank you for the feedback, seems that I failed the tutorial after all :) but will definitely update the description. So the clock is ticking and each time it reset the asteroid will spawn and go for location where the cursor was at that time + some wind offset on upper levels.

I do hope to see you possibly develop this perhaps, I like the idea a lot and the game looks gorgeous! I just think it may be necessary to adjust the controls/gameplay/UI

Thanks, I will give it a try, hopefully will collect enough feedback and suggestions to update it in the right direction.